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The ambassadors of UAEC are a dedicated group of supporters who make an annual unrestricted gift to the Urbana Adult Education Center. The Ambassadors understand and value the unique role that the Urbana Adult Education Center (UAEC) plays in East Central Illinois-- offering people renewed hope to transform and actively engage in the revitalization of our neighborhoods and communities. Their gifts help us provide opportunities for intellectual growth and civic engagement regardless of their age, ethnicity, education, or geographic location. Won't you say Yes, to giving?

The goals of Invest in our Future--Unlimited Pathways are twofold:
  • To raise $5,000,000 for our endowment fund so we may support the continuation of the Urbana Adult Education Center to ensure that our students have unlimited pathways to become college- and career-ready
  • To raise awareness of the Urbana Adult Education Center and the benefits our programs have on the community, life-long-learning, and workforce development.

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